The Sniper

Here are some Q and A's to understand what The Sniper is!

follow url What is The Sniper and who created it?

I - Charlie Storey created The Sniper Opening System as a means of having a unified opening system for Black against all of Whites efforts. I created in 2009 wrote a book which was published by Everyman Chess back in January 2011. An American Grandmaster soon after visiting my websites tried to pass it off as his own creation and without my permission.

cheap provigil uk What influences created The Sniper?

I played Sicilian Dragon, KID and Pirc in my youth but wanted something that was less mainstream so that I could increase my winning chances with Black and avoid draws as drawing with Black does not help win 5 or 6 round Opens.

source link Did you create any supporting Sniper DVD's

Shortly after the book was published I created a 'Sniper Master Pack' which was 7 hours of DVD about The Sniper. These can still be purchased at my immediate downloads portfolio website Sniper Downloads

Does The Sniper really help you to win Open Chess tournaments?

Yes -I recently won the Blackpool Chess Open Congress drawing with GM Peter Wells - in fact the game was drawn as soon as the Sniper position appeared  1. d4 g6  2. e4 Bg7  3.c4 c5 draw offered and agreed and we both were joint winners of the top UK Open!

buy cheap famvir Is there a Chessbase Sniper due out in November 2017?

yes Chessbase have informed me the Chessbase Sniper DVD is complete and will be ready for sale this month!

Do you offer Sniper Chess Training and Sniper Blitz Challenge matches?

Yes I have 10 am every morning dedicated to these - I charge £40 plus a Coffee! Games are relayed Live to the Internet if played at a Scenic Cafe in Newcastle area! Your fee is returned if you tie or win the match!

Can I book a 30 minute slot on the draw or book Sniper Speed match on the day?

Yes try me I may be free - if not we can try for some other day!


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