The Speed Chess Challenge

go site Fancy a Blitz Speed Chess Challenge in a scenic local Cafe against one of the UK's best speed chess players?

10 am start during the week at a local Cafe?  (North east England)

follow link Challenge Charlie Chess to  a 5 minute Speed Chess match held across 2 hours first to 5 points!

The matches are held in fantastic location cafes (or online via around the North East and simply cost £40 to plus a 'Latte' to participate.

Examples of venues - Baltic / Sage / St James Park / Hilton Hotel / Tynemouth Sands / Morpeth Tower / Costa Coffee / Starbucks / Monument -  even in your home -  you get the picture!

You get a full return of your money if you tie or win the match and a condition of the match is to post the result on your own social media - I do likewise.

The games can be relayed live across the Internet to my website using my DGT Board and DGT Clock.

If you would like an opportunity to defeat The Sniper at Speed Chess and have the games relayed live across the Internet contact me to reserve your 10 am -12pm slot!

FIDE Master Charlie Storey - FIDE Trainer, England International Coach, ECF Academy Coach and winner of 153 Open Chess tournaments - e mail me to book your slot and have a fantastic chess experience.

Also available for Club Simultaneous Displays @ £50 per hour.


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