Service #1

SKYPE Online Chess Coaching with Chessbase and Screenshare. See my chessbase and real time coaching from the comfort of your own home. Real Time Skype Audio enables seamless excellent chess lessons.

Service #2

Prefer Chess Coaching in the flesh? I can pop around but my hourly rate goes up to a fixed £30 per hour and I would prefer it if we could do 2,3,4 or even 5 hours in a row!

Service #3

Chess Teacher with groups - I charge £40 per hour with groups up to 16 kids.

I also offer  support materials for coaching with a particularly large range of Chess Sniper Opening materials.

Chess Master Charlie Storey is proven - with results from students - as one of the best 'under 14' Coaches in the U.K.


Next Steps...

Email me on Storey@MasterChess.TV or call me on +447719070349

It would great to get a SKYPE ID too  mine is FMCharlieStorey - please add me its free!

I prefer blocks of 10 Lessons via Skype = £250

Individual Skype Lessons are £30 per 1 hour session.

'In Home' chess Lessons £30 per 1 hour session.